Do you know how your office is used?

Most office buildings have a high hidden vacancy. For buildings with assigned individual desks, this can reach more than 50%. Walk through your office during office hours and see how many workplaces are unused. Even if you already predominantly have shared desks, there may still be a good percentage of hidden vacancy. If this is the case, you will have the chance to save considerable costs, or to accommodate more employees in the same office space. Curious what you can save or optimize? Use Officelynq SPACE to take advantage of the opportunities in your buildings.

Do you already predominantly have shared desks?

Then you probably know that it takes a while to search for that free workplace, meeting room or colleague. Especially if your office users experience scarcity and come to the office earlier and earlier and then occupy a workplace with a coat or a bag and then go sit somewhere else. The so-called ‘ Laying towels ‘. From the same scarcity experience, they book meeting rooms or desks further in advance , and then don’t show up. That is also known as the ‘ No-show ‘. Use Officelynq WORKX to tackle this challenge. You don’t recognize this, but you do have shared desks? Then first use Officelynq SPACE to see what you can save or optimize.



See how it works
  • Short presentation and demo SPACE and WORKX

  • Your questions answered

  • At your location

  • Or via Skype

Occupation degree

Insight building usage
  • 3 months, incl:

  • 20 sensors, 1 gateway

  • 3 Management Portal users

  • 0 app users


Shared desks, no hassle
  • 3 months, incl:

  • 20 sensors, 1 gateway

  • 3 Management Portal users

  • 100 app users

Full product

Unit prices
  • Starting fee per building

  • Start and monthly fee per sensor/gateway

  • Monthly fee per user

  • Cancel per month

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