Switching to hot desking

Employers are more and more switching from traditional offices to forms of shared desks. With shared desk, office users don’t have an assigned permanent desk, but share them with others. They just use desks that are free. Or they use special or scarce desks they booked in advance, like desks in silence area’s. This not only happens with shared desk, but also with work setups like, The New Way of Working, Activity Based Working, Hot Desks, Flex Desk, etc. Shared desk is driven mostly by cost saving. It also is much more socially accepted nowadays in our current sharing economy. And sharing also is very sustainable, because with sharing you simply need less!

Prevent loss of time and bad office behavior

Office users in hot desking office environments often waste time and encounter bad office behavior. They waste valuable time every work day, searching for an available desk, meeting room or a specific colleague. They also experience discomforts caused by bad office behavior of others. Think of people not showing up for bookings, while others can’t use that meeting room. This is also known as the ‘no-show’. Or think of people occupying a desk with a coat or bag without actually using it. They make it harder for other office users to find a desk. This is sometimes referred to as ‘bath towel behavior’. Use Officelynq to solve these issues.

Enjoy office sharing

You can share your office by introducing hot desking for your own users, or office sharing. With office sharing you invite third parties to work in your office. Here lies an enormous sustainable opportunity. Not only for Profit, but also for Planet and People. In the Netherlands, we effectively use less than 50% of our total office capacity. Mainly this is caused by (hidden) vacancy. Occupancy degrees will increase when we start sharing offices. Costs per user will decrease and it becomes affordable to make offices more luxurious and better facilitated. This, while saving a lot of money and energy on exploitation, because less office space is needed. Excess offices could be designated with other functions. For instance they could (partly) become residential buildings. This would contribute to address the housing shortage and also save a lot of raw materials.

But where to start? Well, let’s start with sharing your office space with your own office users. We can help you make this work, so your office users will enjoy sharing. And after that, we could help you share your excess office space with your neighbors or others even further away (office sharing). This would also decrease travel, cause further environmental savings and stimulate productivity in your organization.

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