Dynamic workplaces and logistical difficulties

Today’s staff is more dynamic than ever. This includes dynamic workplaces and logistical challenges. Organizations try to find out how dynamic workplaces suit them. As a result, office buildings will increasingly change into flexible workspaces.

Not only the content of the building becomes more dynamic. The functionality of the building recently also. This makes apartments multi functional. It can serve as an apartment or as a workspace. Offices can flourish as event spaces and nowadays also the other way around.


Dynamic workplaces

This creates countless possibilities for the buildings in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, opportunities are not yet fully utilized. It is known that 17% of the offices are vacant in the Netherlands. In addition, approximately 41% is unused by low occupancy degrees. This means that there is a lot of room to make better use of the offices. A more dynamic arrangement with hot desks, lounge area’s, silence cubicles and small meeting rooms etc., is an option. Because less desks are necessary maybe it can be done with a bit more luxurious facilities, like sit / stand desks, bike chairs etc.,

These dynamic workplaces bring some logistical challenges. It is difficult for office users to immediately find a suitable workplace. They lose valuable time every day searching for dynamic workplaces, suitable for their current activities.

To help conquer some of these logistical challenges, Officelynq has come up with a solution. An app that shows exactly where you can work. Handy, right? This way you can walk directly to your suitable workplace when you enter the office. This prevents you from unnecessarily wasting time.

If you would like to discuss your dynamic workplaces, please send us a message via this link. Then we will contact you.

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