Day of The Inventors

Tomorrow is the Day of The Inventors. This day is meant to encourage people to realize ideas. Inventions that improve the current situation. We also honor both forgotten and big inventors on Day of The Inventors. One of these great inventors is Steve Jobs (1955-2011). An innovator in the field of computers, smartphones and animation. And Steve Jobs has, of course, been Apple’s icon for years.

Fortunately, there are many people in the world who like to think hard and come up with brilliant ideas. Because what would the world look like without all those technological inventions? In any case, very different. We also want to bring the most successful inventions to the market in the Netherlands. It’s no coincidence that the program ‘The best idea of ​​the Netherlands’ was a great success. In addition, the start-ups in the Netherlands are sprouting like mushrooms. A combination of a problem and the right technical, creative knowledge provide the most innovative solutions.

In 2017, approximately 414 million euros were invested in Dutch start-ups. The difference with the past is that the current start-ups strive for balance between People, Planet and Profit. One of the start-ups is The Ocean Cleanup. This is a good example of an initiative that came up with an invention for the world. With an innovative solution they provide the greatest cleaning in history. This start-up has the goal to rid the ocean of plastic, which helps solve a major social problem.

Officelynq is also a start-up with the focus on the balance between People, Planet and Profit. By mapping office use, energy and office space can be saved, which is good for the Planet. Also, Officelynq provides a more efficient working environment for the People. If the employees perform better and housing costs are decreased, this will result in more Profit for the company.

Do you want to know what Officelynq can do for you? Please contact us, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

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