It was a sustainable year

It was a sustainable year. Steps have been made to better deal with the world. We became more aware of our energy use. Shared knowledge and our workplaces. And with those steps we are going to live more and more sustainably. Where did you take sustainable steps?

This was the year for Officelynq. We started on World Telecommunication Day with LinkedIn. And since then everyone can read our blogs weekly. On our new website, because it was also launched this year. A fresh yellow touch, various photos but mainly concrete content about Officelynq.

Several milestones were achieved and deep valleys were overcome. Overcome by hard work, because that is part of a start-up. The sensors came in. And that took a while, but then we have something too! Our sensors ensure that it becomes visible which workplace or consultation room is available. It is part of the Officelynq SMART sensor network. And the sensor transmits the information wirelessly to the Officelynq Web Services.

It was the year in which the privacy law was adjusted. You probably received many e-mails about that. Perhaps from companies that you did not even know they had your data … Precisely because privacy is so important, in 2018, we mentioned the following: the Officelynq SMART sensors only share anonymous information via the gateway of the SMART sensor network.

Since 2018, our users have been wasting no more minutes. Minutes to find a workplace or a colleague without disturbing them unnecessary. How nice is that? Are you still looking for a suitable flex desk in your office every day? Annoying … That’s what our founders found. That is why they developed Officelynq. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Besides online renewal, Officelynq was also visible offline this year. The founders presented at various events. Officelynq attended CFP Green Buildings Congress. A conference where 40 start-ups are central. They are start-ups with ideas that make a concrete contribution to the sustainability of buildings. The ABN AMRO Innovation Challenge is also linked to this. And that’s where co-founder Bjørn pitched Officelynq! Among other things, he explained why Sustainable Sharing is the future and how to realize it.

At the SmartWell Builing Event of Kuijpers a ‘soccer team’ (eleven) of sustainable solutions was presented. Officelynq was in the basis of this sustainable team. SmartWell Building, a dream or reality? This was the main question during the event. Businesswoman of the year 2018 Aukje Kuypers received the decision makers of many Kuijpers customers at the KNVB in Zeist. Two worlds were brought together this day namely: soccer and SmartWell Building. As a guest speaker, none other than Danny Makkelie was a guest. The 35-year-old arbiter was one of the thirteen video referees who came into action in Russia.

The end of the year is really upon us now. The year in which sharing has gained a broader dimension, and the concept of the ‘third workplace’ continues to grow. Sharing has become a way of saving and making better use of what we have. In the Netherlands, about 8 million cars aren’t used on average 23 hours a day. SnappCar makes it possible to share the cars. This way you can rent your car or search for a rental car nearby. This makes more efficient use of the cars. is an initiative of Crowdeffect. They make it possible to collect food from the neighbors. Dinner leftovers for example. This reduces food waste.

What did you share this year?

Officelynq wishes you a sustainable 2019!

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