Manage Office Use For COVID-19

Officelynq BOOKS

Are you looking for ways to control office use in your one-and-a-half meter office? Limit the number of simultaneous office users by only allowing access with a booking. Use Officelynq BOOKS for this.

For building operator/employer:

  • Manage the number of simultaneous office users
  • Give your office users maximum freedom
  • No laborious planning and shifts required!
  • Simple competitively priced solution, without sensors

For office users:

  • Securing a place by booking before going to the office
  • Freedom in when one wants to go to the office (shifts not necessary!)

Officelynq App for office users

Book a free desk or meeting room

Office users book a workplace before they go to the office, so they know they can go.

Sign in on entry

Office users scan an NFC chip or QR code when entering the office. Only with a current booking and a green app screen will they gain access to the building.

Navigate to the booked place

Office users use the navigation instructions in the app to navigate to the place they have booked.

Sign in at desk/meeting room

Office users scan an NFC chip or QR code again upon arrival at the booked location to claim it.

Warning when booking expires

Office users will receive a reminder to make a new booking or to leave the building at the end of the booking.

Sign out when leaving the building

Office users scan another NFC chip or QR code when leaving the building at the exit.

Officelynq Management Portal for office user management

Manage simultaneous office users

Make all workplaces and meeting rooms that can be used at the same time in the one-and-a-half meter office bookable. Manage office use by only admitting people with a current booking.

Admit office users with booking

Reception only admits office users who can show a current booking with a green app screen, after scanning an NFC chip or QR code at the entrance.

Continuous insight into the number of office users present

Reception has continuous insight into the current number of office users present.

Insight into existing office users without booking

Reception can see which office users are still inside, whose booking has expired and can contact them if desired.

Remove office users who forgot to sign out

Reception can manually sign out office users if they forget to do so when they leave the building.

Create guest users

Reception can create an account for guests, so they can also use Officelynq App.

Good to know

The following functionalities are also included:

  • No-show reduction: By deleting bookings, in case of late sign in at the booked place. The place will then be available to others as soon as possible.
  • Correct place verification when signing in to the booked place: This means that other users do not have to search unnecessarily for a free place, and the booker isn’t sent away if he’s using another than the booked place.

Easy to upgrade to Officelynq WORKX by adding sensors, for reliable managementinformation, data-driven experimentation and more ad hoc use of your office. Useful to assist you in decisions about required office capacity and optimization of facilities, in your future-proof office concept.