Officelynq office app

Demo picture Officelynq App

Every office user’s personal assistant in the form of an office app. Available for iOS and Android.

Basic functionalities are:

  • Find colleague: A convenient wat to find colleagues quickly. This way, people can connect, without unnecessary disturbances.
  • Find workplace: Quick and easy way to find an availabke workplace. User selects if priority lies with selected facilities or being close to or far away from office buddies. Users can also view for how long an unoccupied workplace was free since the last use. This to decrease claimed/unused or ‘bath towel laying’.
  • Find meeting room: Quick and easy way to find an available meeting room.
  • Manage bookings: User can book desks and meeting rooms, and manage the bookings directly in the app. Only when they’re available and bookable.

Officelynq automatically cancels bookings a certain times after they start, when no occupancy is detected. This to limit no-show.

Further, office users determine their own privacy. They decide if other office app users can find them or not. For more info on privacy, check out our privacy policy.