Make Office Use Insightful

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Measuring is Knowing

You want:

  • to know whether your office is (still) suitable for the needs and optimum performance of your employees;
  • to rebuild or redesign and first information about usage, as a starting point for the design;
  • to know how many shared desks or meeting rooms you need;
  • continuous data-driven experimentation, to find out what works best in your office.

We help you take the first step by measuring your current office use.

Fully Automatic Measurement

Without an app or other login method. Our smart sensors measure the occupancy rate independently of user actions. We also take human behavior into account in the measurement results. For example, occasionally leaving a workplace for a cup of coffee or something similar.

Workplaces, Rooms & Facilities

Workplaces and meeting rooms to be measured, are equipped with sensors. By putting the desks and meeting room facilities in the system, the use thereof can also be evaluated. This not only determines the optimum number of places and meeting rooms, but also the type and facilities.


Sometimes bookings are made far in advance and people don’t show up. With a calendar link we can cancel bookings when our sensors don’t detect any activities. This makes desks and meeting rooms available sooner for others. This way, we limit the effects of no shows.

We value Privacy

A standard measurement is always anonymous. We only know who’s at a desk, if the person uses Officelynq App (with Officelynq WORKX). Even then, the user location is only known in the moment. This is only for finding other office users or nearby desks. Location history is stored anonymously, so that it can’t be traced back to people.

Plug & Play, No Fuss With IT!

The installation for an average building with around 200 desks, takes a small afternoon or evening. The sensors operate on 2 AA batteries for more than a year.

Our sensors communicate with the cloud via our dedicated gateways via 4G. With this we operate independently of your existing IT infrastructure as long as there is coverage for mobile networks. The Management Portal provides management information and is used for application management.


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