Officelynq WORKX pilot with almost 400 sensors!

At a large employer, in the west of the Netherlands, we are doing an Officelynq WORKX pilot. The Officelynq sensor grid has been operational for several weeks. First users of Officelynq App have also been added, via the automatic Microsoft Active Directory link.

System structure Officelynq Workx

The first measurement results show that at least 3 days a week, it’s very worthwhile not having to search for a free workplace. Officelynq App takes care of this, so that office users save a lot of time. They can also search a free workplace near office buddies or a place with certain preferred facilities. For example: 2 monitors, a sit-stand desk, or a workplace near toilets.

Want to know more about Officelynq and the opportunities for your organization? Please contact us to make an appointment.

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