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Officelynq Workx*

*Officelynq SPACE is included with Officelynq WORKX

Find a free desk or meeting room with our office app: Officelynq App

Free Desk Or Meeting Room

Office users can find a free desk or meeting room within seconds and if bookable, book with our office app: Officelynq App.

Personal Preferences

If the facilities of desks and meeting rooms are known in the system, users can search for them. Office users can quickly find the place that best facilitates their work.

Near Favorite Colleagues

Office users can mark their team members, or just fine colleagues, as Office Buddy. This allows them to quickly find free desks near them. They work together nicely and aren’t bound to fixed, agreed desks or area’s.

Who Can Help Me?

Ask something to someone with a specific expertise or just find a specific colleague? In offices with shared desks, you no longer know where someone is. Officelynq offers the possibility to search for colleagues based on name or personal characteristics, without unnecessarily disrupting their work.

Privacy Mode

Sometimes someone wants to work undisturbed for a few hours. By turning on Privacy Mode in the app, your own location is no longer shared with other office users. If desired, this mode can also be switched on automatically when someone uses a concentration workplace.

Forgot to Log In?

Logging in or registering at a desk is not necessary. With or without our App, the desk is occupied. When using our App, your place will not be offered to other users if you’re away from it for a while. This way we optimize the occupation of desks, without standing in the way of your office users.

Book a meeting room or desk with our office app: Officelynq App

Scarce Places? BOOK!

Special places and rooms with special facilities can be made bookable, so that registration lists and the like are no longer necessary.

Anchor Zones

Do you still use anchor zones to keep departments or teams together? With the Officelynq App, office users can give a higher priority to finding desks in anchor zones. If availability in an anchor zones is limited, other options are also suggested by the App.

Plug & Play, Sync With Azure AD!

With an Azure AD connection, in addition to your calendars, you can also synchronize your app users with Officelynq App and the Management Portal. On request we also support other systems. With a pre-developed link, Officelynq WORKX can be operational within one day. No additional adjustments are needed for your IT infrastructure.


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