Save energy in December

December, the last month of the year. With St Nicholas, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, fun’s at its best. In addition, it’s the time for many companies to look back to the past year. But one thing nobody can ignore is winter. It is the coldest season, after autumn and before spring. But how can you save energy in December?

There’s nothing to change on the outdoor climate. How can you sit warm in the office without using too much energy? Heating a large room can cost a lot of energy in the winter. Closing the doors has already taken a step. Are the doors and windows in the office already provided with draft strips? This is an easy way to save a lot of energy. In this way, it’s ensured that warm air can not go outside.

The conscious use of your office building is also a way. Does your office use flexible workplaces or hot desks? Then you can use Officelynq to ensure that the office is used as sustainably as possible. Your employees will find workplaces on the lower floors. On quiet days a number of upper floors aren’t used and they needn’t be heated. But you can achieve the greatest energy savings, if you use a lot less office space. By optimizing the sharing of workplaces, you can significantly reduce the number of square meters needed per employee. Officelynq can help you with that.

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