Sharing ‘third workplaces’?

The end of the year is upon us. The year in which sharing has been given a broader dimension and the concept of the ‘third workplace’ is growing and growing. Sharing has become a way to save. In the Netherlands, about 8 million cars aren’t used on average 23 hours a day. SnappCar makes it possible to share cars. This way you can rent your car or search for a rental car nearby. This sharing helps making more efficient use of cars. is an initiative of Crowdeffect. They facilitate getting food from your neighbors. Dinner leftovers for for example. This reduces food waste.

What did you share this year? Something that is increasingly common is sharing your office space. Sharing workstations saves costs for your employer. But your productivity and creativity will also be increased, when properly managed! You connect with colleagues that you normally hardly speak.

In addition to internally sharing your office space, Officelynq sees future is sharing your office building with others. It still is normal to have your own desk or office and it feels strange to share the office with others, especially with people outside of your organization. There are quite a few low occupation days in a year. Think of the Wednesday and Friday, but also in the weekend your office is completely empty. While it is precisely those off-peak times, other organizations can use this space well. The local football association for a meeting for example.

Also the ‘third workplace’ is used more and more. This is a workplace between the home workplace and that at your employer. It can be your car, a coffee bar a restaurant etc. How sustainable would it be if we were to share our own unused office capacity to make such ‘third workplaces’ available between different companies everywhere. And maybe also for other people who like to use it, bringing new creativity and surprising new things to your organization. Moreover, you will need much less own capacity if a number of your colleagues work elsewhere from these ‘third workplaces’.

At the moment there are a few companies that rent out workplaces to each other, or share them for free. Perhaps other companies still have to get used to the idea, but Officelynq believes in this solution. Saving costs is not the only advantage for an employer. In the context of ‘Sharing is Sustainable’, it’s important to share unoccupied office space. It is not only good for the environment, but also for the costs for your employer. What are you waiting for?

Would you like to discuss the possibilities for your office? Leave a message, we will be happy to contact you!

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