The Day of Sustainability

Everyone sees that the world is changing rapidly. You probably noticed; the warm summer days in October. The KNMI has measured the warmest October ever. We have no influence on the warm October days. We do on how we spend those days. In October the clock goes back for an hour and we celebrate Halloween. The Netherlands also payed attention to sustainability on October 10th, the Day of Sustainability.

On the Day of Sustainability, activities are organized throughout the country. Sustainability has become a broad concept. What it comes down to is that in a sustainable world people (people), the environment (planet) and the economy (profit) evolve in balance with each other. Only then it starts moving and mankind will exhaust the earth less and less. We bear the responsibility for future generations.

That responsibility also lies with the office owners and office users. Small steps are often already taken. Think of separating waste and recyclable coffee cups. As you know, all small bits help, but you can do more as a business or office owner. You can save energy for example. That this results in lower energy costs and contributes to a better climate is generally known. But are you already doing this? By carrying out simple actions, considerable savings can be made. What do you think of replacement of old-fashioned fluorescent lamps or light bulbs by LED lighting?

In addition, there is legislation to provide offices with energy labels and to implement energy saving measures with payback periods less than 5 years. Such an energy label is very interesting. Did you ever think about (hidden) vacancy in your office building? In the Netherlands, we effectively use less than 50% of the total office capacity. What is the use of an energy label A +++ if the office building is half vacant?

However, you can make a much greater impact on the climate by making fewer offices necessary. Then they don’t need to be built and supplied with energy. You can use Officelynq for this. Officelynq gives you insight into the use of your office building. This allows you to organize and use your office more efficiently. This use is clearly mapped out by our sensors and Officelynq Management Portal.

Would you like to know more about using your office building more efficiently? Please leave a message, we will be happy to contact you!

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