Quotation Officelynq SPACE or WORKX

Are you already convinced and do you want to continue immediately? Request a quote for the desired product. Below are the unit prices.

One-offPer monthOne-offPer month
Starting fee including 1st Management Portal user€ 3.650,00€ 285,00
€ 4.350,00€ 427,50
Per gateway (incl. monthly data costs)*€ 1.123,00€ 15,00€ 1.123,00€ 15,00
Per workplace sensor (incl. monthly connection-fee)*€ 110,50€ 2,00€ 112,00€ 2,00
Per meeting room sensor (incl. monthly connection-fee)*€ 127,50€ 2,00
€ 127,50
€ 2,00
Per extra Management Portal user€ 100,00€ 100,00
Per app usern.a.€ 1,75

*incl. configuration, purchase and installation

Just done a pilot?

Then you don’t pay a one-off starting fee for the implementation. You only pay the one-off costs for the additional sensors and gateways to be placed in accordance with the table above, the purchase of the pilot sensors (a € 99) and the purchase of the pilot gateways (a € 868). In addition, you pay the unit prices mentioned in the table above for gateways, sensors and users per month. If you haven’t done a pilot and start immediately, you will of course still receive the pilot discount for the first building.

Switching from SPACE to WORKX?

Then you pay the difference between the one-off starting amounts of € 700. In addition, you pay € 1,50 per workplace sensor once for mapping the nearby workplaces per workplace. This is necessary for finding workplaces near office buddies. The monthly fees are in accordance with the table above.

Quotation for multiple buildings?

Then you will receive a discount on the one-off starting amount in the table above for each additional building. You only pay for the building-specific one-off activities.


  • Buildings in the Netherlands
  • Per workplace 1 sensor
  • Per meeting room 1 or more sensors, depending on placement on the wall or invisible under the table and the size of the meeting room
  • Per 2 or 3 floors 1 gateway, depending on the building
  • Batteries of the sensors must be replaced once a year (not included in the prices above)
  • A logical signage up to room level is present in the building
  • Prices excl. V.A.T.