Officelynq Management Portal

Demo picture of Officelynq Management Portal

Officelynq Management Portal generates management info to optimize the SMART office. Further functionality is managing facilities, sensors, users, settings and support.

Management information can be filtered as you choose. This helps you, for example, decide on the optimal number of workplaces and the best composition of facilities. With this you lay the foundation for a SMART office.

You can also manage all workplaces and meeting rooms, their facilities and the SMART sensor grid via the portal. Points of interest are clearly indicated. Think of a defective gateway or  batteries of a sensor, which need replacements. This ensures that you have a well-functioning and up-to-date system.

You determine which users have access to Officelynq App via the Management Portal. Via a template, a large group of users can be added at once.

For Officelynq App users there is a first line support to your application manager. For assistance with this, there are also frequently asked questions and answers available. In addition, there is a second support line to Officelynq for your application manager.

Officelynq Manager App

The Officelynq Manager App is intended for implementations and targeted firmware updates of sensors. This is necessary for implementations and for changes to the SMART sensor grid.

Officelynq Manager App and Officelynq Management Portal help to make your office a SMART office.