Officelynq SMART sensor unobtrusively under desk

Officelynq SMART office sensor grid

SMART office sensors under every desk, in every meeting room and one or more gateways to internet, per building. They’re completely wireless, and the gateways communicate via 4G.

Our sensor is part of Officelynq SMART sensor grid. The sensor transmits wirelessly whether a desk or meeting room is available or not. The Passive Infra-Red module determines this by observing movement. This information is used to show office users, without searching, where available facilities are.

In addition, the sensor is equipped with a beacon. The beacon transmits a repeating Bluetooth signal. This signal is used to communicate the location of the office users via Officelynq App. With this information we help office users to quickly find colleagues and free desks. Also near office buddies. Further, they can use it to navigate in the building.

Also, our Plug & Play SMART sensor grid can be implemented quickly and easily. You don’t need expensive modifications to your building. The gateway communicates over wireless 4G, taking away risks for your IT infrastructure. You control the sensors yourself with the Officelynq Management Portal. This gives you insight in how the building is used.

Besides that, it is important to mention that only anonymous management information is shared via the SMART sensor grid. Information about the use of the facilities. In this way, the building operator can optimize the office building, so office users can work better and more pleasant.

Our sensor is not equipped with other sensors, such as a microphone, camera or the like. In addition, it does not contain or transmit personal information about people.

For more information, see our privacy policy. For questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.