System structure Officelynq Workx

Especially for offices with shared desk there is Officelynq WORKX. This gives you insight into the use of your office, allows you to save space per employee and optimize your office, as with Officelynq SPACE. In addition, you increase productivity as your office users have to search less. You also reduce ‘occupied but not used’ workplaces (also called ‘towel laying’), and ‘no-shows’ with reservations.

With the help of Officelynq App, your office users can quickly and without searching find a free workplace or meeting room and book it, if possible. And that with the desired facilities. They can also find a workplace near an office buddy or just a colleague without unneccesary disturbances. The office users determine their own privacy settings.

To this end, Officelynq SMART sensors at workplaces and meeting rooms collect the necessary data. This data is passed to Officelynq Web Services in the cloud with a gateway via 4G. You get management information and do application management with Officelynq Management Portal.

The wireless SMART sensors are easy and quick to install. Depending on building properties, in most cases only 1 gateway per 2 to 3 floors is needed, at a central location of a floor. Only an electrical outlet is required. As the gateway communicates over 4G to the Web Services, the system is separate from your company IT network. This saves security challenges.