Pilot Officelynq SPACE

Officelynq Space

Start with a pilot to experience Officelynq SPACE in your own building. The table below shows the prices for a pilot with a duration of 3 months, including:

  • Implement customer-specific Web Services
  • Configure, install and rent 20 workplace sensors
  • Configure, install and rent 1 gateway
  • 3 Management Portal users (including training)
  • A pilot discount on the monthly amount during the first 3 months
Officelynq Pilot SPACE
Duration in months3
One-offPer monthNumberOne-offPer month
Starting fee including 1st Management Portal user€ 3.650,00€ 285,00
1€ 3.650,00€ 285,00
Per gateway€ 255,00€ 54,001€ 255,00€ 54,00
Per workplace sensor€ 11,50€ 6,5020€ 230,00€ 130,00
Per meeting room sensor€ 28,50€ 6,50
Per extra Management Portal user€ 100,002
€ 200,00
Total€ 4.135,00€ 669,00
Total over duration€ 6.142,00
Pilot discount for the first 3 months-€ 1.192,00
Total pilot Officelynq SPACE€ 4.950,00


  • Pilot building in Netherlands
  • Per workplace 1 sensor
  • Per meeting room 1 or more sensors, depending on placement on the wall or invisible under the table and the size of the meeting room
  • Pilot sensors on a maximum of 2 to 3 connecting floors, depending on the building
  • A logical signage up to room level is present in the building
  • Prices excl. V.A.T.

Do you want to do a pilot at a different location or with different numbers / types of sensors, gateways and users? Then contact us and let us know what you want, so that we can provide a quote for you.

Are you already convinced and do you want to start using Officelynq SPACE immediately, without doing a pilot? Then look here for the unit prices and requesting a quote.