Good news! Officelynq has been selected for the PROVADA FUTURE Startup Battle. We are in the race for a place on PROVADA FUTURE on 4, 5 and 6 June at the RAI Amsterdam. PROVADA FUTURE is the platform for trends and innovations with an impact on the construction and real estate sector. It will be made possible to bring relevant innovations, research and trends to the attention of the general public. For Officelynq this is a nice platform to share our innovative story. Bjorn will pitch for 4 minutes. The jury will then ask 2 minutes for questions.

Officelynq makes the connection between Tech and the real estate world by means of our sensors. The sensors ensure that it becomes visible which workplace or consultation room is available. It is part of the Officelynq SMART sensor network. And the sensor transmits the information wirelessly to the Officelynq Web Services.

Do you know how occupation is determined? Through the observed movements via the Passive Infra-Red module and a smart algorithm. This information is used to indicate, without searching, where the free facilities are.

In addition, the sensor is equipped with a beacon. The beacon periodically transmits a Bluetooth signal. This signal is used to communicate the location of the office user via Officelynq App. With this information you can, the Officelynq App user, quickly and easily find colleagues, and free workplaces near office buddies and navigate in the building.

The Officelynq SMART sensors only share anonymous information via the gateway of the SMART sensor network. Information about the use of the facilities. In this way the building operator can optimize the office building, so that you can work better and more enjoyable. Officelynq App can also report your location, but it will only be shared with others with your permission.

For more information about Officelynq, see our website. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Do not hesitate and contact us.

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